Step 1 – Trial Us

To make sure you like our club and will enjoy playing we have a two session trial membership which is free. 


Step 2 – Make sure you can commit

We train once a week during the season with occasional extra training in the summer months. 

To be considered to play in a team you must attend training sessions regularly.

Step 3 – Registration Form

You will have to complete the registration form and join a squad relevant to your age and experience which will be chosen by a coach. 

IMPORTANT: Due to insurance, we are unable to accept players until the registration forms have been filled in, signed and returned. 


Step 4 – Make Payment

Once you decide to join you will be asked to pay joining and registration fees – see here for more information



Step 5 – Make sure you’ve got the right kit

To train you need a good pair of trainers (ones with grip) and leggings and a t-shirt and hoody, or warm top, to wear after cool down.  for matches our uniform is dresses and shorts.

There is club branded kit which you will find to buy on the our online shop.  The only essentials for matches are the dress and shorts but if you are just starting out we loan these to players for match days.


Step 6 – Welcome to Lymington Netball Club

After you’ve followed the previous 5 steps, that’s it!

You’ll be a full member of the Lymington Netball Club.

We can’t wait for you to join us!