Fee Payment

Fee Payment

We can accept payment for fees by Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Please select your membership fee type below, and continue through to the checkout process.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm paying for multiple people what do I do?

If you are paying the fees for multiple people, please make sure that you enter their names in the order notes. e.g. If you are paying for two Under 18’s make sure that you select 2 x Under 18’s , andput their names in the order notes at the bottom.

I've been asked to make a one off payment via the Lymington Netball Website - what do I do?

If you are making an one off payment, please choose the ‘Other Fee Payment’ option below and enter the correct amount to pay. You should only use this option if a member of the Management Team have asked you to do this.

I can't see the 'Make Payment' button - what do I do?

You must select at least one of the membership options under the ‘Make a Payment to Us’ section on this page. Once you have done this you will notice that the Card Number, Expiry Date, CVC fields and Make Payment button will be available. 

Make a Payment to Us

U11 (Years 5 & 6) - Membership - £20.00
U11 (Years 5 & 6) - Training - £24 per term
U12 (Year 7) - Membership - £25.00
U12 (Year 7) - Training - £30 per term
U13 (Year 8) - Membership - £25.00
U13 (Year 8) - Training - £30 per term
U14 (Year 9) - Membership - £25.00
U14 (Year 9) - Training - £30 per term
U16 (Year 10 & 11) - Membership - £30.00
U16 (Year 10 & 11) - Training - £30 per term
Social Netball (over 16's) - Training - £2 per session
Other Fee Payment
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